Nathan Manzaneque | CEO Influencers | Speaker
Nathan Manzaneque | CEO Influencers | Speaker

Nathan Manzaneque is available to do meaningful fun keynote presentations for your organization! For more information please use the form HERE.


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Your quality of life both in business and in private life can improve if you practice the principles of positive influence. Your influential behaviour should be in line with your core values, vision and goals. How do you manage the influence you receive? How do you manage the influence you apply on others? Can you improve the way you work with your teams, employees, clients, management? Stop selling! Start influencing! If you really want to improve your organisation’s culture and atmosphere and get better results, this presentation is definitely for you!


We no longer live in the Era of the Industrial Economy, we now live in the Era of Influence and Social Capital. In a global ever changing business world there are no longer certainties. Now the most powerful tool for success you have as an organisation is your network and your personal and business brands. Do you know how the most powerful world leaders derive economic benefits from prioritizing their preferential treatment of key groups of people? Would you like to know how to make a Social Capital Plan for your business? Book now a presentation!


First step in effective networking is knowing ourselves. How do you attract people who want to give you business? Stop selling. Your business will no longer be the same once you understand the 21st century professional networking tools. Do you know how to work a room full of people you don’t know and get business referrals from them? Have you assessed your energy patterns relating to people and plan your networking activity accordingly?  How do you adapt to different behavioural styles to successfully develop meaningful business relationships? Do you adapt to the opposite sex networking style?


Where will I be

27 oct               | Malaga, Spain


3 nov                | Marbella, Spain


10 nov – 11 nov  | Madrid, Spain


9 dec – 12 dec | Birmingham, London, UK