Influence first step

On a previous blog I shared the behavioural indicators I use in my professional and personal environment. So I started talking about the Motivation and Working traits and how they work to move people to decide in one direction or another in a particular context. The first step for me is to use these indicators … More Influence first step

Attention is EVERYTHING! — Neen James

We are all bogged down with distractions that leave us feeling overtired, overworked and overstressed. In today’s world, where technology rules the day, how can we avoid distractions and pay attention to what matters most? How can we leverage our attention to gain more impact and influence everyday? This video provides ways… via Attention is EVERYTHING! … More Attention is EVERYTHING! — Neen James

Success; Nobody can do your ‘running’ for you, no more excuses

My colleague and business partner Salvador García (left on the photo) says you can’t get a hair cut over the phone. You have to do the work to get the result. Now this comes from a very successful entrepreneur that has had a tremendous impact on the referral marketing field in Southern Europe. And yet you could say that this is just common sense. But is it? … More Success; Nobody can do your ‘running’ for you, no more excuses

Challenge management #leadership #influence

Managing challenges, problems, misunderstandings, etc is an integral part of the entire influence management process. It is certainly very difficult to respect and trust a leader who cannot manage challenges well. A leader who is obviously nervous and enters into a stressful situation like a bull in a china shop destroys the climate and culture of the organization. … More Challenge management #leadership #influence