Dare say ‘thanks’

The challenge as I entered into one of the busiest summers I’ve had in recent years, is finding the time to keep on sharing with you! So thanks for being there and sharing!

I wanted to share on this article something about one of the nicest things I’ve experienced recently. I have been invited to one of the many business networking groups I founded and managed in years past.

You may know that I have been managing business networking groups as a Director Consultant right until January 2016 in sunny Malaga. Not so long ago really.

It was a tough decision I had to make; leaving those networking groups I invested so much on, so many wonderful people I spent so many hours with, to be able to concentrate in building my own business. After building this networking business for others, and after so many years of helping others with their business strategy, the time came to work more and better on my own dreams. Most people were quite helpful and supportive.

For those few who have not been so helpful and supportive, let me look you in the eye and say thanks. You have also helped me to appreciate those tough lessons learned. Thank you for helping me to achieve higher growth and become way stronger. I would not be who I am now without you guys.

More than three years after I founded this business group I’m talking to you about they keep the same awesome positive spirit we used to promote and share week in week out.

2017-07-06 00.11.38

The nicest gift they gave me was the authentic, honest love and appreciation they showed me on this anniversary. So this article is a show of appreciation for their invitation.



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One of my core values is appreciation. So it is very comforting to see how they still share in this value after these years.

Could we share a little bit more of appreciation with business partners, employees, professional contacts, friends and family members?

When was the last time you called on someone you did business with. Someone who worked in the past on a project with you. Not to sell anything to them. Just to say:

‘Hey mate, thanks for what you did.

I really appreciate it.

You made a heck of a difference to me.’

u24business woman on the phone 2Let me challenge you. Grab a cup of tea, or coffee, whatever rocks your boat. Take five minutes to think about who helped you the most over the last couple of years. Did you show them true appreciation? If not, dare get on the phone to that person and show authentic, real appreciation.

Sharing is only fair, isn’t it? Share with me who you are thankful for, and how you have been able to show authentic appreciation.


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